AFP System

High Frequency Nebulization for Fish counters

Our AFP misting equipment is unique in the preservation of fish and shellfish. We provide the best solution to avoid loss of weight loss and waste at the end of the day.
We have dramatically changed the shopping experience for fresh fish or shellfish.

  • high-frequency nebulization combined with programmed nebulization .
  • We maintain the relative humidity (Rh) that the fresh product needs for its good conservation even in the least favorable environmental conditions. The mist cycles spray the product with pressurized water particles and the mist cycles with 10 micron particles maintain the proper level of said humidity.
  • We avoid losses due to evaporation and waste so that the ROI is immediate.
  • We manage to maintain the qualities of the fresh product: weight, brightness, color, freshness, smell, hardness, texture, enhancing its most commercial aspect.
  • Automated system controlled in real time by Aqualife software.
  • We increase sales between 5% – 20%.

Based on High Frequency technology that avoids wetting the products and combined with Cold Water technology refrigerated at less than 6ºC, the system constantly generates humidity, which helps preserve the qualities of the food, in addition to increasing impulse sales. .

AFSG Mixed System Video. combined nebulization. (spouts and top bar)
Traditional fish market section with ice table.
Fresh fish section in restoration.
Gourmet section of supermarkets and department stores.

Tailor-made for the display unit in the fishmonger section or gourmet counter.


  • The unit works with cold tap water, previously filtered and purified by High Frequency Reverse Osmosis filters. It is run through a Cold Heat Exchanger equipped with a probe that keeps the product water at a temperature below 6ºC. It is sanitized by a UV lamp and passes to the control system that will generate humidity and control the pressure of the nebulizer, which will have been programmed by intervals.
  • We achieve humidity in the environment of the fresh product, we saturate the environment so that it does not subtract moisture from the product, we will provide the required level without flooding it. The Aqualife maintenance management program, in accordance with the most demanding European standards for the conservation of fresh products, according to HACCP standards, will automate and verify any Non-Conformity.
  • During hours of closing to the public and in the absence of personnel, in an automated way without the intervention of the section, sanitization tasks are carried out that facilitate safety and consumer protection. Exclusive NebuAqualifeSystem® system.

  • Electrical outlet.
  • ½” cold drinking water intake
  • Drain.
  • Section plan drawing, including ceiling section, and ice table section.

  • On/off switch start and stop.
  • HACCP Non-Conformity Indicators.
  • Values in memory of automated actions of Self-control on display.