Quality and Safety

Quality and safety control, respect for the environment and consumer protection. Efficiency and responsibility.

Aqualife and Food Safety

Lecture: ‘Humidity control as a factor in the sustainable conservation of meat products’ , given at the Madrid Veterinary College by Inmaculada Rodríguez Mora, Director of Quality and Safety at Aqualife, at the XXVII National Conference on Food Safety

“The use of the Aqualife misting system caused a reduction in weight loss in chicken breasts, sausages and pork loin and an improvement in the appearance of all the products studied.”

B. Martinez and F. Fernandez

IRTA Food Technology

“The Aqualife misting system on display increased the shelf life of cauliflower and especially lettuce, for which it represented a 250% increase in shelf life” .

Department of Agriculture and Food

University of La Rioja, Spain

“The Aqualife misting system has a beneficial effect on the preservation of fresh fish, so the consumer will obtain a better quality product.”

Prof. Jose Antonio Beltran

Department of Science and Technology University of Zaragoza, Spain


Our differentiation is based on our own culture of the concept of quality of the finished product.

Since the beginning of our activity in the Distribution and Industry sector, we have been able to assimilate and share experience with our clients. We are considered a strategic agent of its development.

We are part of the development of the solution in your customer service process. A client that demands better finishes, higher quality products, environmentally friendly systems and efficiency.


Our team of professionals, in each department, can collaborate with the client from the design to the installation of nebulization systems for each specific application.

We are collaborating with Private Institutions, Official institutions, Consumer Organizations, Food Chains, Hotel Groups and Universities in the field of personnel training, design, Quality Departments, Ministries of Public Health, etc. Always sharing our experience and knowledge. We are at your service.

Technique and experience

Aqualife has selected the best suppliers worldwide for each component used. Each technical sheet provided by our suppliers has been subjected to verification, and the relevant International Certification has been required.

We have a well-trained human team. Collegiate professionals in each of their branches of specialization, working to develop the response that is demanded of us every day.

This team has created the best Autocontrol Software. Our systems self-check and send information in real time to our communication screen with your staff. We can guarantee and certify each installation carried out as innocuous. We are exclusive worldwide in this guarantee.

Quality certifications

ISO 9001

Quality and Excellence


Consumer protection and safety



ISO 100030 Certification