As always, we have been exhibitors at Fruit Attraction, the most important event of the fruit and vegetable sector. A new opportunity to show our advances and the latest developments in misting equipment for fresh products and with important novelties to adapt to the new market needs.

And clearly what most attracted the attention of the visitors were our new integrated solutions for fruit and vegetable display: The modular table with integrated misting system, a custom-made design, flexible and with a variety of modalities. A commitment to innovation in complicity with our customers and new entrepreneurs in the design of current spaces that enhance and lead in the sale of fresh and quality fruit and vegetable products.

It is also a commitment to expansion in new markets, given that the profile of visitors is increasingly broader geographically, thanks to the positioning that the spanish fruit and vegetable sector is acquiring internationally.

Thanks to all of you who visited us and to all of you who have shown interest in our products.