Aqualife contributes to sustainable development
Aqualife contributes to sustainable development

In Italy there is also talk of Aqualife

Report in the ITALIAN magazine “Largo Consumo” on the benefits of Aqualife misting systems for the preservation of fresh products.

We summarize and translate part of the report.

Consumer attention is increasingly directed towards the best, healthiest and most nutritious products.

Purchasing decisions on fresh products focus on their appearance, conservation and presentation.

Everyone knows that fresh products are mainly made up of water. The loss of freshness is mainly caused by its rapid dehydration.

Aqualife misting systems restore humidity levels and maintain the optimal values that fresh products need for their correct conservation.

Therefore, an optimal conservation system has a very high impact at the time of the purchase decision.

Aqualife, a Spanish company specialized in the conservation of fresh products through nebulization and humidification, is an essential ally to increase sales in specialized stores and supermarkets.

They prevent weight loss, increase sales and keep the products fresher with their qualities and properties for longer.

“A highly profitable and sustainable investment for all sections of fresh produce”

An innovative and 100% natural system

Aqualife misting systems prevent the dehydration of fresh produce by providing humidity only with running water, which is previously filtered and disinfected.

They use highly efficient and sustainable technology. No chemical substance or any type of gas is used to preserve the fresh product.

The process is carried out in a completely natural way.

With more than 20 years of experience, Aqualife has developed systems based on high frequency that are capable of creating a relative humidity control microclimate around the exposed product.

By prolonging the freshness of fresh products, it determines very important benefits in fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, avoiding dehydration and maintaining all its characteristics such as weight, smell, color, flavor… etc.

Fast return on investment

The installation of Aqualife misting systems brings many economic benefits.

For a supermarket with several sections of fresh products, the return on investment is very fast.

In one year the total investment is recovered thanks to the avoidance of weight loss and waste loss.

All this without considering the increase in sales due to the improvement in the appearance of the exposed product that encourages the purchase of consumers.


Security and Sustainability of the systems

Aqualife is also characterized by the added value it provides and which differentiates it from other systems.

It complies with the highest environmental standards and the company is also the market leader in terms of health guarantee and food safety.

Its systems comply with the most demanding regulations, as evidenced by the certifications obtained for health control procedures.


Aqualife contributes to combating environmental problems and sustainable development.

Thanks to the conservation of Fresh Products with our Nebulization Systems, the consumer will obtain a product with all its properties and qualities.

Our Nebulization Systems eliminate the need to overpack, to use plastic wrap to preserve and display fresh products in supermarkets.