High Frequency System for meat display cabinets

Advantages for butchers and delicatessens

Innovation and safety in Relative Humidity Control systems applied to Fresh Products through filtered water with advanced technologies.

High Frequency Technology that nebulizes the product, to maintain not only its appearance, but all the organoleptic qualities of the product. In addition to increasing impulse sales, we maintain their quality for longer.

They work with cold mains water. The control system is in charge of obtaining the water and administering it to the diffusers that, previously, will be adjusted depending on the particular conditions of each installation and point of sale.

  • Provides humidity through filtered and disinfected water.
  • Extends the life of the fresh product, preserving all its qualities.
  • Reduces the loss of products by 4%, increasing sales.
  • Maximum safety and complies with current regulations (HACCP).
  • VERY PROFITABLE INVESTMENT, reliable and durable.