AFC system

Nebulization Cold chambers


Any refrigeration system dries out the fresh stored product. Incorporating humidity into the atmosphere of the chamber we achieve the appropriate conservation parameters.


We have developed a high-frequency system that solves cold storage loss and storage losses.

We develop custom designs and deliver a turnkey required installation for each need.

The AFC system, with High Frequency technology. It provides the desired programmed humidity in a constant and safe way, following all health regulations.

AFC system in operation

  • Conservation and storage in cold chambers for: fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, cheeses, sausages, flowers and plants.
  • Ripening warehouses.


The unit works with cold tap water, which is previously filtered and purified by Reverse Osmosis. It is then sanitized by a UV lamp and passes to the control system that will maintain the previously programmed humidity.

We achieve a constant humidity avoiding the peaks that affect the stored product so much.

Complete Aqualife® maintenance management program, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health and HACCP standards.


  • tailored


  • Plug
  • ½” water intake
  • Drain


  • On/off switch on and off.
  • Non-conformity indicators.