AFV system

Nebulization Islands of Fruits and Vegetables


Our “ AFVnebulization equipment for fresh products avoids the losses that are produced by the different conditions in which fresh food is displayed:

  • high frequency nebulization .
  • We maintain the relative humidity (Rh) that the fresh product needs for its good conservation.
  • We avoid losses due to evaporation and waste.
  • We manage to maintain the qualities of the fresh product: weight, brightness, color, freshness…
  • Automated system in real time by Aqualife 3.2 software
  • We increase sales between 5 %-20% .
Based on High Frequency technology, the system constantly emits moisture, which helps preserve fruits and vegetables, as well as increasing impulse sales.
AFV system in operation


  • Exhibition furniture for fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold cabinets for fruits and vegetables.


  • Stainless Steel and PVC
  • Electricity: 220V.


The unit works with cold mains water, which is previously filtered and purified by Reverse Osmosis. It is then sanitized by a UV lamp and passes to the control system, which will maintain a constant humidity in the display cabinet or wall. Complete Aqualife® maintenance management program, in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Ministry of Health and HACCP standards. Exclusive NebuAqualifeSystem® system.



  • Tailor-made for the display unit in the fishmonger section or gourmet counter.


  • On/off switch for function and failure
  • Non-conformity indicators.

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