Aqualife ENOL for Wine Cellars

For the wine sector, we have developed a modern and effective installation for controlling environmental humidity in wineries, based on high-frequency technology.

Aqualife ENOL allows us to adapt to any type of winery, both from an aesthetic or design point of view, as well as due to its technical conditions.

Both the wood of the barrels and the cork are materials that are directly affected by environmental humidity, affecting the final quality of the wines. If we maintain stable conditions in the ambient relative humidity, we will also extend the life of the barrels.


  • Provides humidity through filtered and disinfected water.
  • Extends the life of the fresh product, preserving all its qualities.
  • Reduces the loss of products by 4%, increasing sales.
  • Maximum safety and complies with current regulations (HACCP).
  • VERY PROFITABLE INVESTMENT, reliable and durable.

It ensures the correct evolution of the wine during the aging and aging phases. An inadequate temperature and humidity directly influence the evaporation of the wine, with the consequent loss of product that this entails. With Aqualife ENOL, this problem disappears.