Euroshop is the world’s largest retail exhibition. The perfect showcase for our expansion. Thanks to the efforts of the technical department in product development, we are ready to conquer new markets, with equipment specially designed for export.

We thank all those who visited us, and we look forward to establishing fruitful relationships with those who were interested in our products. Both supermarket chains and equipment manufacturers, engineering companies and in general the refrigeration sector, some of which did not know our product in depth, and that during the fair could see live the operation and the tangible benefits provided by Aqualife as an ally in the sale of fresh produce.

The stand as a Supermarket:

Euroshop has projected us as world-class weight-savers and life-extenders. and not only because of the solidity and experience projected by our commercial and technical team. Among other things, because our stand was not a VIP lounge or just a decorative-informative space, but a real scenario. We created a live experience of our target: we set up a “miniature supermarket”. A fruit store with an island and a mural, a fishmonger’s table, a meat display case and a refrigeration chamber. A real scenario to show our potential customers their own ecosystem of sections and product? Is there a better proof than the tangible reality of the benefits of our systems? Only at our booth our visitors were able to see, touch, and feel for themselves how we deliver what we promise.

Clearly this vision of real experience gave us a completely differential visibility against competitors. And this was seen by the organization itself, which dedicated large spaces of their network feeds to our stand during the fair.

We have met our objectives with close to 300 visits. Our thanks to the entire Aqualife team for the extraordinary effort that has positioned us at the center of the retail world.