AFVT system

Nebulization for Butchers and delicatessens




O ur ” AFVT ” nebulization equipment, for perishable products, avoids the losses that are produced by the different conditions in which the food is exposed:



High frequency nebulization. We keep the relative humidity (Rh) constant, by means of an internal probe, in real time inside the showcase.
We avoid losses due to evaporation and waste.
We avoid the need of covering food with transparent film.
We effectively maintain the qualities of the fresh product: weight, brightness, color, freshness…
Automated system in real time by Aqualife 3.2 software
We increase sales between 5 %-20% .

The system is based on High Frequency technology, it does not wet the glass or the products, it only maintains the programmed humidity constant, necessary for the good conservation of the displayed articles, without the need to use protective plastic.

AFVT system in operation


Fresh product display cases

  • Meat.
  • Chicken.
  • Sausages.
  • Fresh pasta
  • etc


  • Stainless Steel and PVC


  • 220V




  • On/off switch start and stop.
  • HACCP Non-Conformity Indicators.
  • Values in memory of automated actions of Self-control on display. Cold cabinets with forced air with glass doors for the conservation of fresh meat produce without packaging.

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