most attractive fish

The security provided by knowing that the product will remain fresher, healthier and more attractive for longer, is a decisive factor. Cut your losses by 4%.
Our comprehensive management systems using high-pressure technology provide competitive advantages to fishmongers and supermarket fish sections. We increase sales by boosting a high-cost strategic product. Coolest and most attractive frescoes.

Freshest Fruits and Vegetables

Our humidity control systems using cold mains water and high-frequency technology generate a microclimate that keeps fruits and vegetables in the best conditions, looking fresh and healthy for longer.

We reduce your losses by up to 92% during the first 12 hours of exposure.

Unwrapped meats

For meat display cases we have a system based on high frequency technology that does not wet the glass or the products. It maintains the humidity programmed and necessary for the proper preservation of food.

We avoid the need to use protective plastic in butchers and delicatessens.

Other applications

Countless uses in sectors where relative humidity control is a key factor in preserving the product and optimizing production.
• Cool chambers
• Wine cellars
• Floriculture
• Leather tanning
• Tobacco work
• Other sectors


Our systems have the most advanced technology thanks to the laboratory tests we carry out in our technical facilities, where they are tested and subjected to the strictest quality controls.
• Continuous technical training
• Agile technical and after-sales service


Our Quality and Safety department allows us to lead in safety.

The cornerstone of the success of our systems is food safety.

We have the trust of our customers because we comply with the strictest health standards and carry out rigorous controls and exhaustive analyses.


Quality you see. More sales.

The security that comes from knowing that the product will remain fresher, healthier and more attractive is a decisive factor. Only due to the reduction of losses, the return is immediate, and the amortization occurs between 4 and 9 months.

With our system, the reduction of losses in the first 12 hours of exposure of meat in a refrigerated display case can reach up to 92%.

environmental care

We avoid the use of wrapping and packaging materials, reducing the use of plastic materials that harm the environment. By reducing product waste, we help reduce the amount of organic waste.

The design and development of our equipment is oriented towards energy saving. Our working principle is based on conservation through purified water.


Circle of Advantages

  • Our misting systems produce benefits that will result in increased profitability.
  • The reduction of waste not only extends the life of the product, but also saves many handling operations.
  • The consumer responds with an increase in sales, for having a protected, more attractive, safer and healthier product.
  • Guarantee of food safety and food safety.

“What our customers value most is safety. Sanitary control is a guarantee of quality and food safety.”

Inma Rodriguez Mora
Director of Quality and Safety