AFM system

Fruit and Vegetable Wall cabinet Nebulization

Our AFM nebulization equipment for fresh products avoids the losses that are produced by the different conditions in which fresh food is exposed.


  • High frequency nebulization .
  • We maintain the relative humidity (Rh) that the fresh product needs for its good conservation even in a refrigerated cabinet
  • We avoid losses due to evaporation and waste.
  • We manage to maintain the qualities of the fresh product: weight, brightness, color, freshness…
  • Automated system controlled in real time by Aqualife software.
  • We increase sales between 5% – 20%.

Based on High Frequency technology, the system constantly generates humidity, which helps preserve fruits and vegetables, in addition to increasing impulse sales.


AFM system in operation



  • Vertical cabinets of exhibition of fruits and vegetables.
  • Cold walls with forced air cycle for the conservation of fruits and vegetables at a positive temperature.
  • Cold walls with forced air with glass doors for the conservation of fresh meat without packaging.


  • The unit works with cold tap water, which is previously filtered and purified using Reverse Osmosis filters. It is sanitized by a UV lamp and passes to the control system that will generate the humidity, which will have been programmed by intervals.
  • We achieve humidity in the environment of the fresh product, we saturate the environment so that it does not subtract humidity. We provide the required level without wetting it or accumulating water on the leaves or skin.
  • The Aqualife maintenance management program, in accordance with the most demanding European standards for the conservation of fresh products, according to HACCP standards.
  • During hours of closing to the public and in the absence of personnel, in an automated way without the intervention of the section, sanitization tasks are carried out that facilitate safety and consumer protection. Exclusive NebuAqualifeSystem® system


  • Tailored to the display unit.


  • Electrical outlet.
  • ½” cold drinking water intake
  • Drain


  • On/off switch start and stop.
  • HACCP Non-Conformity Indicators.
  • Values in memory of automated actions of Self-control on display. Cold cabinets with forced air with glass doors for the conservation of fresh meat without packaging.